How Online Platforms Affect Business Operation?&nbsp

How Online Platforms Affect Business Operation? 

How Online Platforms Affect Business Operation? 

We can see that many businesses use online platforms to meet the lifestyles of their consumers. 

Nowaday, consumers use platforms and honestly, the online platforms are very important for our daily life.  We watch movies, listen to music, and shop through platforms.

Platform Online also takes part in businesses.  Many businesses create their own applications and websites to reach a more client base.  We can categorize online platform in 4 types as follows:

  • Transaction Platform.  Transaction Platform is like a middleman of buyers and sellers.  It is sometimes called Two-sided Markets or Multi-sided Markets.  It actually is an online marketplace such as Grab, Airbnb, eBay and Amazon Marketplace.
  • Innovation Platform.  Innovation Platform is a platform that develops new products and services into their platform just like a software development.  The innovation platforms are such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Web Services.  These platforms can be utilized to develop other applications.  
  • Integrated Platforms.  Integrated Platform is a combination of Transaction Platform and Innovation Platform.  This platform acts as an intermediary for developers so the developers can expand their work products, meet and cooperate with each other.
  • Investment Platform.  Investment Platform is a platform that investors can invest in and learn about the investment terms. 

We can notice that we use online platforms in our daily life.  Many businesses can adapt and create products and services to answer consumers’ needs so as to the business continues to grow.  

Astra Studio also provides Software House services that people can create applications and websites for business purposes.  This can help your business grows and reach business targets.  We have professional teams that can advise and suggest you on this matter.  

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