What’s Web 5.0? how is it better than Web 3.0?

What’s Web 5.0? how is it better than Web 3.0?

What’s Web 5.0? how is it better than Web 3.0?
What’s Web 5.0? how is it better than Web 3.0?

Web 5.0 is coming to play a significant part of internet surfing.  There is a development concerning the web. 

The recent development will not be the Web 3.0 anymore.  There currently is Web 5.0 happening in the industry.  Today, we will get to know about Web 5.0, what it is and how it is better than Web 3.0? We will talk about Web 1.0 – Web 4.0, then Web 5.0, the last.  

Web 1.0 is the first version of the internet. Users can only read the content but cannot interact with others.

Web 2.0 is the origin of read, write.  Users can interact with each other so it comes an online community e.g., social medias 

Web 3.0 is an improved website that users can read, write and own things on Web 3.0.  Web 3.0 is decentralized so personal information can be kept on the Web 3.0 by using Blockchain technology.

Web 4.0 is a advanced technology.  This is a smart web that can connect people everywhere, anytime both in the physical and virtual world including connect to other devices.  

What is Web 5.0?

Web 5.0 is focused on giving the authority to users and it is under development.  It is like the combination of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

The most interesting part is that Web 5.0 is more intelligent.  There will be emotions expressed on the Web 5.0.  

It forms the connection between humans and computers, for instance, websites can detect human’s emotions by remembering human faces.  It is an emotional setting tool.  

if we wear headset, users can interact with the website and website will react upon users’ emotions

Source of Web 5.0 and who is Jack Dorsey? What is his involvement with Web 5.0?

Jack Dorsey is a programmer and one of the founders of Twitter and he is the founder of Block, the payment company.  

Past few years, Jack Dorsey has been trying to invent technology on the internet and he is the leader of technology.  Recently, Dorsey expressed his ideas about Web 3.0 concerning the limits of web.  He noticed that users still cannot get involved enough or do not have the ownership over the website.  He is trying to develop Web 5.0 and announced on his twitter that:

“This will likely be our most important contribution to
the internet. proud of the team. #web5 (RIP web3 VCs)”

Advantages of Web 5.0

  • Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence of Web 5.0 will enhance users’ creativeing

  • E-Commerce

Emotional intelligence can directly be used to interact with users in real time by analyzing users’ emotions so it gives new experiences to users

  • Self control of personal information

Web 5.0 is the decentralized web that improves control of personal information.  Users can have their full ownership of data.  Users can use their personal information themselves in the applications and services with safety.

Though, Web 5.0 is not launched yet.  It is in the process of being created.  If you are looking to adopt Blockchain to develop your business, it is not too late.    

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