What is the future of GameFi?

What is the future of GameFi?

Cryptocurrency market has been in bearish mode for quite some time.  Investors explore a new investment vehicle to produce passive income like GameFi. 

DeFi is one of the investment vehicles that Crypto investors are interested in. Then, there was an innovation produced from DeFi which was called ‘GameFi’.  Now, GameFi is very popular and many investors are interested in GameFi.

In the past, DeFi was a trending investment form so investors may receive passive income from the investment in DeFi platform.  Today, there are many forms of DeFi that investors can invest in such as Yield Farming, Lending and Swap etc. These platforms generate quite high income.

After the DeFi blooming era, there was a cyber attack called ‘Rug Pull’.  Many DeFi projects were attacked by Rug Pull so the projects were forced to shut down. After the attack, investors have been fleeing from the DeFi projects and their trust giving to the DeFi projects has appeared downward.  Recently, DeFi platforms are giving very less income so investors pay their interest in DeFi platform less. 

After that, GameFi(s) was invented.  GameFi is the combination of Game and DeFi. There are many GameFi communities.  GameFi is popular right now as users can play and earn income at the same time.  Users can play to get some fun.  This is called Play to Earn, there are many types of GameFi that users can decide to get involved with. 

However, please be informed that in Crypto worlds, there is no guarantee that your income will be stable, as the investment in crypto is quite risky.  Some GameFi were forced to shut down the projects because they may not have appropriate plans for the project and cannot resolve problems that might occur.

People still have been using DeFi and GameFi.  There are many GameFi products that have been launched.  Metaverse is the innovation which got the idea from DeFi. Businesses adopt Metaverse into their platform.  However, the trend of DeFi is not blooming compared to the past. 

It may be rise again if investors give more trust in DeFi and DeFi platforms become more reliable. For the GameFi, we still have to see which GameFi will resolve the problem that many GameFi have been faced with.  

If you wish to build your own GameFi or DeFi, it’s not too late.  Astra Studio have a team that can advise and help you on this matter.  We can develop the platform per your request.

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