How Tokenization Can Help Your Business?

How Tokenization Can Help Your Business?

How Tokenization Can Help Your Business?

Tokenization refers to the way you convert assets into digital form or token by using Blockchain technology.  Token can represent various assets e.g. drawing, house, land parcel or gold etc.

As you may know, in our daily live we use paper in almost every transaction we engage in. These kinds of transactions are hard to track and it will be easier if we use Blockchain technology to solve this problem.

Tokenization will change our daily transaction into paperless form e.g., legal contract, other documentations etc. For instance, using Smart Contract for secured and accurate processing transactions. Smart Contract can help mitigate risk from human errors. token digital can be classified into 2 types:

1. Utility Token

Utility Token is used for utilization, as it is named. Utility Token holders will be granted some privileges. For instance, JFIN Token holders can use JFIN in exchange for services, discounts in Jaymart affiliates’ products.

2. Investment Token

Investment Token is used for crowdfunding such as ICO. ICO is one of the crowdfunding tools using Crypto. Investors will receive token in exchange for their investment. The terms and conditions for each ICO will be recorded on Smart Contract for security and accuracy purposes.

Investors can participate in crowdfunding projects even though they don’t have much money. Tokenization can help our businesses reach more investors. This is why people engage in Tokenization more than ever before.

Astra Studio noticed that Tokenization has potential to change the business industry so we offer services related to Tokenization as well. We have staff who can supervise the Tokenization system and help your business grow efficiently.

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