Build Your Game on the Sandbox Metaverse.

Build Your Game on the Sandbox Metaverse.

Build Your Game on the Sandbox Metaverse.
Build Your Game on the Sandbox Metaverse.

The Sandbox is the Metaverse that supports very high trading volume in the Crypto world.  Investors are very interested in The Sandbox. 

There were many events happening in The Sandbox.  People can either invest in the Sandbox and receive very special user experience  therewith.  Users can commence events ,such as concerts, fashion shows or participate in the Play to Earn game, on The Sandbox.  

Build Your Game on the Sandbox Metaverse.
Build Your Game on the Sandbox Metaverse.

Users can build their own games on The Sandbox by downloading the Game Maker, VoxEdit that Sandbox provided on the platform.   Before we create our own game, we have to know the following process:

  • planning layout in game
  • set up theme in game
  • create game logic about the type of games that we wanted to create such as farming game, fighting game, RPG game etc.  

Game Maker

Game Maker is the program used to create game on the Sandbox.  We can decide our theme such as Desert, Lake, Jungle Island, Antarctica etc.  There will be many details that we have to consider e.g., building of actors in game and its compositions.  After we have built the game, then we can trial our own game or can set it as trial mode so people can visit and play.


VoxEdit is the tool that can be used for creating NFT on The Sandbox.  We can create model as accessories to be used in game.  We can create items, animation and other compositions in games before putting them in the Game Maker.  This process will require your creativity to invent things from the beginning into 3D model.

In order to create game, we should have computer that provide high capability because if we use lower model of computer, the software may not support it.  The most important thing that you might have to consider is the content of the game, planning of layout that has to be quite structured.  

You may think that creating your own game is quite complicated even though you have devices that support the process.  Many people who have their plots of lands choose to buy and sell lands instead of creating games.  

If you are interested in creating your own game, you can contact Astra Studio.  We have a team that can help you from the beginning until your game is launched.  We believe that all gamers may have a dream of their own game one day.  You can choose Astra Studio to make your dream come true!  

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